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20 min readMar 15, 2021


Q1 2021 UPDATE

Well looking back on the last year of Mousecoin and the crypto world in general it has been a busy year, with a bit of good and a bit of bad. Quite a few exchanges ceased to exist as more and more appeared, creating competition in the crypto exchange space, ending in some just not being financially viable and eventually closing their doors.
We had the sad news that Mousecoin was to be delisted from the Phoneum games (along with a lot of other coins) for no other reason than that the directors of Phoneum had decided to move their complete gaming plaform to the Tron network. Any non-TRX token was basically delisted until further notice. This was not good news for us, but did give us some ideas of our own that we will discuss later.
Now recently with the HUGE surge in the price of DOGE we have seen most of the smaller Altcoin markets decimated. Most of these smaller cap altcoins list with DOGE pairs on exchanges to improve liquidity as they are mostly sub-sat (below 1 satoshi trading price) coins. Some coins lost 80% of their value in as little as a few hours as people just dumped to get their hands on some DOGE to try and make some money. While we don’t blame them for wanting to make money, as that is the main point of investing in crypto, it has made it hard for the smaller cap altcoins to maintain their price. To put things in perspective though, although the price had/has dropped in the DOGE markets for these coins, the value of DOGE has also gone up so everything is pretty relative.
With the move into 2021, we had already planned on having a more structured set of goals to achieve for the year. This has never really been done for Mousecoin before and we have never had a RoadMap before, but this was something that was welcomed by the admin and some of the community members that we had asked. We are hoping that with these goals and this Roadmap, we can work hard on building our community to make ourselves more known in the crypto space and to bring in new investors, new excitement, new ideas and a bright future for Mousecoin and the community.
Why only 12 months? Well we believe that the way things are in the crypto world, things can change overnight…literally, and although we do have plans beyond this it just seemed sensible to roll out the next 12 months plans, focus on them and change and adapt our plans for next year as we progress.
Let’s make this year great for Mousecoin!


We have split the plans / roadmap into quarters and have detailed each thing that we plan on achieving in that period. There are no specific times on these tasks within the periods, but the community will be updated via the website and by social media as we progress. We will also be bringing out Quarterly reports to update the community in a more overall and detailed manner.


Finally, we will have an Android wallet!
We have been working hard in the background on this and finally found a developer to work with us to develop a basic android wallet which will allow people without desktop wallets a means to store their MIC3 and easily transfer it between staking pools, exchanges and other users.
Although we are aware that many members of the community wanted an android wallet that will stake it is unfortunately just not viable yet as mobile staking wallets are not as simple as they sound and would cost a considerable bit more to have developed, be run and maintained. To be honest they are actually quite complex to set up, maintain and manage, and as there is already access to staking platforms that offer their services online (even from mobile) it was not seen as the most important thing for us to be doing at this point, or at least not all at once. Basically for a staking mobile wallet, the cost far outweighs the potential benefit right now considering there are other options for people who want to stake that don’t have access to a desktop wallet, so we just opted for a basic wallet at this point in time.
The Android wallet, when completed, will initially only be available from the website but will be released on Google Play once it has passed their checks etc. You will be required to create a new address with the Android wallet at this stage as well. The images below show each screen of the Android wallet so far. There are a few changes to be made, testing to do and most importantly the developer to be paid for their work and we will be ready to roll it out. We are hoping this will only take a few weeks, but will keep the community updated.

We are actually also going to be investigating another option for Mousecoin to be listed on another Coin projects mobile wallet in Q1 as well. This wallet may allow staking, but at this stage we cannot confirm anything including whether we can get listed. This is just an investigation at this point, but our chances are looking reasonably good for the listing at least. We will update people when we have more information about this as well.

For a long time the desktop wallet has been used successfully and without issues. With the revamp of the coin and updating of the logo and other things, the existing wallet is now a little out of date and looks like something out of a 70’s movie. While there are still no real issues with the wallet, we made a desicion that it was time for a change, and after discussions with the admin it was decided that we had two options:

  • Update the wallet to fit inline with our new logo and website, but also make the wallet more readable, clearer and easier to use. We would be leaving everything the same and only a wallet update will be required, but not necessary (people can stay with the 70’s version if they like it).
  • Update the wallet to fit inline with our new logo and website, but also make adjustments to the POS (currently 250%). If this option was the way we went, the idea was to make the coin have a lower POS 0f 75% (as an example) or possibly even staged POS, so that when we hit a certain block height the POS will change. This will be a MANDATORY update requiring everyone to update their wallets to stay on the correct chain. This is NOT a swap.

When we are ready to update the wallet, we will put it out to vote as to what everyone in the community would like to see happen and we will take the consensus opinion of the community moving forwards. Either way, we will have an updated, easier to use and prettier wallet than we had by the end of Q1.

This may not sound too important, but for new investors and a lot of other people in the crypto community the information sites, or more importantly the particular ones you are on, their contents and whether or not it is updated plays a huge role in how a crypto currency is viewed out in the crypto world and beyond. It is for this reason we will be focusing on updating information on the sites we are already listed and applying to list on any we are not.
Our main focus in doing this is to ensure that they are all displaying the correct information links, but most importantly that they are displaying up to date exchange listings, trading volumes and market capital. All of this combined will allow Mousecoin to be properly ranked in the crypto ranking for market cap and will increase visibility to new investors within the crypto world and hopefully new investment into Mousecoin which will potentially drive the price in the direction we all want it to go.

Even though our website is not that old and still looks quite good, it will become necessary closer to the end of Q1 to update most of the site just to make it both compatible with what we are planning on doing, easier to use and more functional.
Most of the changes that will occur will be on the backend of the site itself, but there will be a complete updating of all pages, menus and information on the site to make it also more in-line with our future plans. This includes the addition of a road map page which we will have updated with the latest road map info. Once most of the updates on the website are completed we will be slowly developing the website further over the year, making adjustments along the way to cater for future plans that will be implemented.
If you have any suggestions for the website, you are more then welcome to send us an email to where we will take everything into consideration

In Q1 this year with everything else we are trying to achieve it is just not viable to push for any larger exchanges, or exchanges that will potentially cost us money to list, this will come later. Instead we will be applying to get added to the voting lists on the following exchanges where the community can use the power of their vote to get us listed:

We actually already have a very old voting profile in Graviex and have been on the list there for years. We will be attempting to fix this listing up with newer information and see if we can revitalise the voting. We will keep the community updated with the progress of all of these via posts on social media, our quarterly reports and on the Road Map page on the website when it has been completed


If you were a part of the Mousecoin Community last year you may have heard of the Community Membership. You may have even been a member.
We said not that long ago in a notice to all the existing members that they may have noticed that the member site had just disappeared. Well it is true, it did just disappear. After a mistake made by the old hosting provider we actually lost both the membership site and the main site. Luckily we had recently backed up the main site offline, but the member site was backed up only on the server (mainly for privacy reasons) and these were all lost. After a fair bit of effort we were able to recover the information that the existing members up until that time had put in to create their memberships which we just need to process.
When all of this happened we had time to think about the membership and what we wanted to do with it. So.. we decided to take the Membership for Mousecoin in a different direction to the one it was previously headed. We also decided to drastically improve the membership site and provide more of a hub for the community.
In Q2 we will just be focusing on the building of the basic membership site, which will be similar to the previous one in it’s simplicity (for those that remember). We are looking at having a rewards system in place for members that join similar to what was in place previously and we are hoping to have competitions and giveaways involved at this point as well.
All of the members that had previously registered on the old site will not have to worry about re-registering as they will also have their details added once again and will be sent out temporary passwords to access them.
The Members area of the site will also be continually developed over the year and into the future to make sure that it stay relevant, useful, fun and informative.

This is another service that we have been looking at for a while. We are looking at setting up an online wallet that will be attached to the website. At this stage we are not certain whether it will be a wallet also attached to your membership in the members area, or a completely separate part of the site. This will all depend on how complex it will be to add to the members area of the site and also whether people just want it to be separate so they don’t have to become a member to use it.
We are planning on the online wallet to also be a staking wallet, which we hope will make it easier for people to deal with the fact that we only have a basic Android wallet that doesn’t stake.

In Q2 we will still be focusing heavily on the voting listings with the exchanges listed above. We will, however, also be ramping up our campaign to get listed on Unnamed Exchange by campaigning more for donations and fundraising. We are actually already set up to receive donations for the listing (see the information at the bottom) for Unnamed, and will basically be raising the funds until we can get listed. At the moment the listing fee is 0.05BTC, however this may change due to the explosion of the price of BTC which is something that we will be investigating and will let people know when we do.
The listing fee covers the addition of all of the currency pairs on the exchange which we think makes it a pretty good deal, better if it becomes cheaper. We will also be investigating other more major exchanges in Q2 to see what viable options we may have for listing later in the year; examining costs, delisting rules and listing criteria and will keep the community informed of the progress in our quarterly reports.

As part of us trying to improve the whole Mousecoin Network overall, we will be updating the Explorer. We were originally going to do this before the wallet update, but changes in coding have made us put this off until Q2 as by then the wallet update would have been decided upon.
The new explorer will be updated with the Market cap, based on our most active exchange, and will also feature a cleaner look with easier to use menu’s and more information. This is a huge positive for Mousecoin because it will finally help us rank in the crypto ranking as this is what information sites like CoinGecko use to rank crypto’s.

This has been discussed for quite a while now, and it was decided that with all of the other places we could have a faucet, the most beneficial would be on our own website. Having a faucet was always on the cards for Mousecoin and it was one of the reasons that we created the Community Fund, which will fully fund the faucet.
The faucet will be designed to encourage new users and new investors to check out Mousecoin and get their hands on their first MIC3 for free. We will be spreading the word of it’s existence around the internet via various social platforms, crypto information sites and more to get the name of Mousecoin out there.
Obviously whenever there is a faucet, you will always have people that just use this to build up their already large balances, which is fine, but also the reason that the faucet will not give out huge amounts of MIC3. We are expecting up to 1000 MIC3 or similar to be given out each time, and we are also planning on this being limited to a time. We will release more information on this when we are implementing it on the website.


Quarter 3 will see us working at adding our social platform to the members area of the site. The idea of this is that people in the Mousecoin community can have a single hub for everything Mousecoin, and while we will still be available and active on other social platforms, we will encourage people to check in and use the Mousecoin Social platform on a daily basis through competitions, givaways and the building of a sense of community amongst the members.
There are many things we are looking at implementing on the Social platform and once again it is something that will constantly be developed over time. As the time gets closer and development is underway, we will keep everyone updated of the progress.

The idea of a Mousecoin Merchandise shop has been floating around for a long time now. While the shop itself would not take huge amounts of time to set up, there are some financial and tax implications of doing so that need to be addressed first. We also really wanted people to be able to purchase the Merchandise with Mousecoin, or at least partially in Mousecoin, which is just not a viable option at present. There really were more important things to spend our time on first as well.
Initially we imagine that the Merchandise shop may only sell merchandise for fiat currency, but we will attempt to change this as soon as possible as we see this as being another viable use case for Mousecoin. The shop itself will sell all kinds of Mousecoin merch from bags, clothes, hats,cups, keyrings and more and all profits after costs will be funnelled back into Mousecoin to help with exchange listings and any other things Mousecoin may want to undertake, like what we plan on in Q4.

By now we would like to be listed on Unnamed Exchange and a few of the other exchanges in the list outlined in Q1. Q3 is where we would like to set our sites on a larger more well known exchange that will be decided on after we complete our investigations in Q2. We will outline which exchange or possibly have a vote between a few viable options when the time is closer. Once again we will update the community about things where we can with each Quarterly report.
I realise that everyone wants to be listed on Binance or another similar HUGE exchange, but there are a considerable amount of hurdles to jump before this would even be viable, including having a larger community and more volume in trade. The delisting rules for a lot of these larger exchanges can be quite brutal at times as well, and when taking into consideration the cost associated at even getting listed (literally $1000’s) we would want to make sure that there would be no chance of delisting.
In saying that and as mentioned earlier, we will be investigating major exchanges, but these will be exchanges that will be inline with what we believe we are capable of achieving and maintaining. If Binance ends up being one of these exchanges then it does but people do have to understand that there is a high chance this will not be the case, at least not yet.


This whole quarter will be completely devoted to the building of our very own gaming platform. At this stage we are looking to base everything in Unity, which is what Phoneum has used to create their own games.
We can’t really divulge much information at this point about this goal, except to say that we plan on having a basic game out by the end of the year. All the games will have gameplay where people can earn Mousecoin by completing various tasks, puzzles and more. It is also at this point that we may even look at integrating the Mobile wallet directly into the games (if possible). Or even just have an app that only manages your staking, much like Phoneum.
After our experiences with the Phoneum platform we decided that it should be possible for us to push for the same thing for Mousecoin, giving it a use-case outside of just a currency. As previously mention though, we are unable to release more info right now, but will be doing so as we update people throughout the year in our quarterly reports.


So these are the goals and plans for Mousecoin in 2021. We hope that they give the community a good insight into what we would like to achieve for the year and also provide the community with enough information to allow you all to see the increasing potential in Mousecoin’s future.
We are working hard to ensure Mousecoins successful future, and although thing don’t always go to plan (like this report coming out on the 1st of February) we will always make the maximum amount of effort to reach our targets and goals on time or just after. Either way we will get things done and hopefully with the whole support of the community behind us.
Work on the Q1 goals has already commenced and we will be looking at the website in the coming days to most importantly add the road map for people to keep an eye on. Every step of the way we will be posting updates about our progress and will always be open to new suggestions and ideas from the community.
Here’s to a great year for Mousecoin!


While we have maintained our position fairly well on the voting list at ATAIX, after contacting them about why we were not being listed when we had been at number 1 for ages they simply replied that even though they have the voting list, they actually choose which coins get listed. From our observations it seems like the coins that are listed must be paying for their listings, and when reviewing the actual exchange platform and seeing that it was not as good as many other exchanges, it was decided that it was no longer a priority to get listed there. If you are still voting or would like to still vote, it costs nothing and we still encourage people to vote to get us listed, remember you can vote every 24 hours for this listing, and you can still share in 500,000,000 MIC3 which ATAIX will airdrop to accounts on their exchange when Mousecoin is listed.

We have been listed on Altmarkets for quite a while now, and it has only been recently that we have been experiencing problems with the exchange. The first problems that we faced was with actual withdrawals from the exchange. After talking with one of the managers no resolution to the problem could be reached and we were informed that they were planning on delisting Mousecoin. That was mid to late last year and trading, withdrawals and deposits were disabled. Eventually this was sorted out to some degree and Mousecoin continued to trade on there.
If you weren’t aware before, the admin team for RatCoin (which is undergoing a swap at the moment) is essentially the same admin as Mousecoin. This came about because the two communities had extensive overlapping members, and when we formed the admin team we decided it would be easier to have to one team so we could direct these two very different and completely SEPARATE projects in their respective directions without causing issues between the two, and this has worked very effectively up to this point.
Why are we mentioning this? RatCoin is also listed on AltMarkets, and upon informing them of the swap that was to take place we were met with an extreme amount of resistance to the plan on their side and how it was to be run. Essentially they weren’t happy about it all and as a result told us that they would delist both RAT and MIC3 and then preceded to shut down trading, withdrawals and deposits for both coins, possibly out of spite, but you can make your own assumptions.
After discussions with the admin team we decided that Mousecoin delisting from Altmarkets is actually a move in the right direction. Upon investigating their treatment of the users of their exchange we found that it did not really meet the standards that we want to uphold in the community, and we basically just didn’t want people in the community to be messed around again, have funds withheld or be treated poorly. We are taking a diplomatic approach to their news of delisting and looking to the future listings at other exchanges that meet our standards and requirements. I would suggest at this point you withdraw all of your Mousecoin from the exchange to another location as soon as you are able to.

Although this is a Quarter 2 goal, we are still seeking funds to get listed on Unnamed.Exhchange. At this point, the listing for is 0.05 BTC.
For anyone unfamiliar with the exchange there are two ways that you can donate to the listing:

1. If you are already a member of, or wish to be a member of Unnamed.Exhchange (and why wouldn’t you), you can put funds towards our listing by tipping us through the trollbox (Mousecoins). If you wish to be a member of Unnamed.Exhchange, you can register here:

2. You can also donate to the listing fee through the following addresses:
BTC — bc1qmaqzhfqcw0urva0rtgfz5qvq4rw7kdnp6j7754
LTC — ltc1qc775eeftdde2jrevnyukrd2w9853jy5gmtv6rn
DOGE — DEnBpriaFnKiNeBv6Q7MVxMg5hLv5urQFg
UTIP — AUTyu2JhGAaCkM3KAmeBopto2bNBchNJfE

If you would like to donate in another crypto available on Unnamed.Exhchange, we have opened up the chat on the Discord channel HERE to assist with this. Please request the address and we will provide it for you.
This is a good exchange and getting a listing here should help lift the profile of MIC3.


Just a reminder for the community and also for any new members, we have a Wallet Setup Guides page, which takes any first time user of Mousecoin step-by-step through the process of installing their Mousecoin wallet and getting it online. The guide uses the latest blockchain snapshot found on the Wallet Downloads Page in the example explanation meaning that all new members of the Mousecoin community will be able to get their wallets online faster as the sync time should be minimal. We will be updating the blockchain snapshot at least once every month to ensure that people have access to the most up to date blockchain info. The latest blockchain snapshot was performed on the 4th January 2021.

The wallet version is currenty V1.0.0.0, with future releases of the Mousecoin wallet coming soon

If you are new to crypto currency or just after a bit of guidance setting up the Mousecoin wallet, check out our Wallet Setup Guides


Raspberry Pi

Wallet & Blockchain Snapshot Download (UPDATED 04th January 2021)


While we understand that there are members of the Mousecoin Community that are unable to stake themselves for whatever reason, and that there are a number of staking platforms that offer pool staking for MIC3 to help these people stake, we do not officially support any staking platforms at this stage.
We ask all Community members using these or thinking about using these to keep in mind that any MIC3 hosted on these platforms is not in their wallets, and therefore not controlled by them. Do proper investigations into any platform that you use for this as there is always the possibility of loss. We encourage all members of the Mousecoin Community to stake from their own wallet (where possible) as this helps us to secure the network. If you need help setting up your wallet, go to our Wallet Setup Guides page for step-by-step guides on setting up your Mousecoin wallet.
You can find links to the staking sites supporting Mousecoin here:


It is an exciting time for the Community Fund as we have now reached a balance that will sustain itself. As part of the website overhaul in 2021 we will be updating and maintaining the Community Fund page so that everyone in the community is aware of what funds the community has and what has been done with them. We will update everyone and post about it when the changes have been put into effect.
For anyone wishing to view the Community fund on the explorer, you can find it here: MecQqVrtZ3oZ5gqb6VzZjpPeZry1ww33LS



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