Mousecoin Upcoming Swap Update

After reviewing the swap survey it became clear that a majority of the community were not really sure what they wanted to see implemented with the MIC3 swap. Some people had even specified a lower Max Supply than the circulating swap supply that they had selected, so there was definitely a certain amount of confusion within the community.
As a result we reviewed everyone’s responses and also took into consideration the future of Mousecoin moving forwards to bring you the new Mousecoin 2.0

Ticker: MIC3
Swap Ratio 10,000:1 — (1,000,000 OLD = 100 NEW)
Block Time: 3 Minutes
Max Supply: 92,000,000,000 (92 Billion)
Block time: 3 Minutes
Algorithm: Scrypt POS / POW
Pre-Mine: 13.5% (12.42 Billion) made up of:

- Swap Supply required: ~ 12 Billion
— Admin: 200 Million (Locked until 2030, Non staking)
— Community & Promotion: 220 Million (Non Staking)
= 12.42 Billion

Max Supply = 92 Billion (Capped)
Coinbase maturity: 30 blocks
Staking Maturity: 30 Blocks (~1.5 Hour)
Target spacing: 3 minutes
Target timespan: 1 block
Transaction confirmations: 30 blocks

Block Number POW/POS%
0,000–10,000 5000 MIC3 / 20%
10,001–100,000 2000 MIC3 / 100%
100,001–150,000 1500 MIC3 / 90%
150,001–200,000 1000 MIC3 / 80%
200,001–250,000 1000 MIC3 / 75%
250,001–300,000 1000 MIC3 / 70%
300,001–350,000 1000 MIC3 / 60%
350,001–400,000 1000 MIC3 / 50% (POW ends at Block 400K)
400,001–550,000 40%
550,001–600,000 30%
600,001–650,000 20%
650,001–700,000 15%
700,001–750,000 10%
750,001 — Max Supply 5%

Masternodes: Would only complicate things more so it was decided to not go ahead with this even though there was a majority of community support. A possibility for the future.

Exchange Swap Status
Bololex — (YES — If you have coins there leave them)
Crex24 — (NO Swap support, Please remove your coins ASAP)
StakeCenter — Waiting on a reply (Safest to move your coins from here we think)

Staking Pool Swap Status — (YES, leave in account they will swap for you)
StakeCenter — Waiting on a reply (Safest to move your coins from here we think)

Desktop Wallet
Users must have 100 Billion or more to be able to participate in the custom swap via Google Form. The form is available now here:

There will be more information and a more accurate timeline available in the coming days. Thank you for your patience.



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