Mousecoin Update and New Community Fund

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6 min readMar 10, 2020
Mousecoin Update and New Community Fund


It has been awesome to see over the past few months members of the Mousecoin community really coming together and cooperating to grow and develop our community. There have been many changes as well over the last few months; with the addition of multiple languages to our website, better language support on social media and a clean-up of most of the content on the internet about Mousecoin, all providing better clarity and understanding about the Mousecoin Project.
All of this would not have been possible without the help of the whole Mousecoin community, so we can all give ourselves a pat on the back. There are also a few members within the community that deserve an extra special thanks from the rest of us for going the extra mile, you know who you are.

Now 2020 is here, and it is shaping up to be a good one for MIC3 and the Mousecoin Community, and while there are no changes to the wallet or MIC3 (the coin) itself in the pipeline, there are many new and exciting things on the horizon. Over the next few months we will be working to provide a basic roadmap for all the upcoming changes and new additions, to give the community an idea about what is being worked on behind the scenes. This will be available on the website when completed and we will endeavour to keep everyone posted. Just to give everyone a little taste of what the future may hold for Mousecoin, the following are some suggestions already made by members of the community:
- Monthly Mousecoin Updates (Implemented from this month on!)
- Mousecoin Faucet on the official site
- Bounties, Competitions, Giveaways
- More/better use cases
- Mousecoin Shop (on main website, selling MIC3 Merch with proceeds to further fund the community)
- Android wallet
Over the next few months we will also be taking any more suggestions you as members of the community may have in regards to Mousecoin. Just send your suggestions to
As of this month, we will also be posting monthly Mousecoin updates to our website in the Latest News Section. These will be posted at the beginning of every month (next out 1st March 2020) and shared on social media.


There are no new exchange listings to announce at this time.
Mousecoin is currently being voted on to get listed on the following exchanges:
ATAIX Exchange
You can find more information on voting to get listed at ATAIX Exchange in our last post (
Below is the current status of the votes. REMEMBER: You can vote every 24 Hours!

NANU Exchange
Below you will find the current status of the votes:

Unnamed Exchange
Since November 2019 Mousecoin has also been trying to raise funds to get listed on The listing fee is 0.05BTC, and already donations have been made to the mousecoin account on This has been organised by the developer of Mousecoin and we will be providing more detailed information in regards to this, including how to participate, in a post we will bring out in the next few days.


As a member of the Mousecoin community, you may or may not be aware that Mousecoin has no central funding account (MIC3 or any other Crypto for that matter), like a community account that we use to fund the various costs associated with keeping Mousecoin alive. Mousecoin is community driven, with most of the current actual costs associated with running the Mousecoin network and associated websites (the backbone of the network) being personally funded by the developer and a couple of members, while all of the funds used for giveaways etc have been donated by community members.
While this has worked perfectly in the past, as the community continues to grow it is becoming increasingly more complex to organise and orchestrate. It is because of this we feel that there is more of a need to have in place some sort of a community MIC3 account in order to quickly, effectively, honestly and easily have access to funds to distribute for competitions, bounties & giveaways, and also as a central point we could use to raise funds for exchange listings (where the exchange doesn’t offer the service themselves). This community fund will also be used to fund the faucet on the website (when completed).

The Community Fund Account will be held at 4STAKE.COM and will only be for Mousecoin (MIC3) at this stage. The idea behind the fund is basic; people can donate some Mousecoin (MIC3) to the community fund, this MIC3 is then staked on 4STAKE.COM so that it can always be earning interest. These funds will then be used to fund the faucet for the website, as well as for new bounties, giveaways and competitions. All outgoing transactions will be decided on by the Community in a vote.
There is already a dedicated area on the website (called “Community Fund”) that, when completed will have all the information & frequently asked questions, as well as all the latest updates, balances and more about the fund. For now there is only a link to this post and live feed from the Mousecoin Community Fund Telegram Channel in this section.
The Fund account details are as follows:


At this stage, anyone is more than welcome to begin making donations now with the details above if they wish.
Currently there is only a Telegram Channel: which has all of the details of the Community Fund, and this is also where we will be posting daily updates with regards to balances, donations, staking earnings etc until the website page is constructed in the coming weeks. Once the website work has been completed we will also be releasing a post just about the Community Fund, which will explain everything in even more detail. Until then, please be patient as work is done in the background to get this all in place and look forward to a great year ahead!


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