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3 min readMar 24, 2022

Bololex has informed me that they will have the swap completed by the end of the week, which means trading as well as withdrawals and deposits should be enabled. Swap balances are already reflected in your accounts. I have been messaging them twice daily to get updates, but this is currently the best and latest info I have. As soon as I know anything more I will be sure to let you all know.

CoinStake.in have said that the staking is enabled on their accounts as of today and they will have deposits and withdrawals enabled in the next 24 Hours.

StakeCenter have finally contacted me. If you had funds on there before the 14th your coins will be swapped according to the swap ratio’s and timelines listed in the swap update (Desktop Wallet Section): https://mousecoin.medium.com/mousecoin-2-0-swap-update-bdd44b0db0ad

Between 28th Feb 2022–7th March 2022–100% swap ratio (10,000:1 — (1,000,000 OLD = 100 NEW))
Between 8th March 2022–14th March 2022–80% Swap ratio (12,500:1 — (1,000,000 OLD = 80 NEW))

Still working through the data and working out StakeCenter’s final swap amount and no staking that has occurred on their account after the 14th of March will be valid. They have the NEW wallet running but swapping will take some time, not too sure how long but will ask the owner and get back to you.
If you happened to transfer funds to StakeCenter AFTER the 14th we are investigating further before swap of the funds will occur. There will also be a penalty for this being after the end of the final swap period, 80% guaranteed, may be more.

https://mousecoin.network is currently offline and being updated to reflect the swap. It will take longer than a week to complete this, faced with all of the other things that need doing. So I expect it to be online hopefully the first week of April.

I have been working with the developer of an Android multicoin wallet called beehive (https://beehivewallet.link/). Together we have organised an Android Staking wallet for Mousecoin on the beehive (https://beehivewallet.link/) muticoin wallet. Set up is simple and the support is beyond excellent. You can join their Discord here : https://discord.gg/kHWwWjJ5VR to find out more about them, ask questions etc.
To download the Android wallet head here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.beehive.beehivemulti_coinwallet
Keep in mind that the wallet is VERY actively being developed, so you can guarantee that there will always be improvements and the developer is open to suggestions (but also aware of the obvious ones and currently working on them)

The logo competition is still running as well and will be until a future date that is to be decided. I would like to have the logo and colors etc changed in no longer than the next 3 months though, so it will be in that time frame.
Get your design skills working on something and submit it to: logocomp@mousecoin.network

to all of the community members that kept updated on our social media, knew about the swap and followed instructions. You have made my life so much easier. Unfortunately, because of the many delays with the exchanges, staking pools and people dragging their feet with the swap I will now be releasing the complete run-down on the swap on the 1st April, as part of the Q2 Report for Mousecoin. This report will be a complete update moving forwards, showcase the current competitions and promotions that we have running, and will also outline some of the things that may be happening in the not too distant future (we are working on them).




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